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Client Intake Form for ACA and Medicare - for Brokers

Client Intake Form for ACA and Medicare - for Brokers

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12-Month Service: Client Intake Form for ACA and Medicare

Our pricing structure is set at $60 monthly, with billing conducted on an annual basis.

GA pricing is available for agencies with more than 50 brokers. For pricing information, email

Elevate Your Brokerage with Efficiency and Precision

SnapHealth For Brokers revolutionizes the client intake process for health insurance brokers dealing with ACA and Medicare. Designed with a keen focus on broker efficiency and client satisfaction, our platform offers a quick, user-friendly solution compatible across all devices. Transform your client meetings, reduce paperwork, and enhance your service delivery with our cutting-edge solution.

Key Features:

Efficient Onboarding:

Reduce the time spent on meetings by an average of 20 minutes. Our intake forms are meticulously designed to quickly capture all the essential client data, allowing you more time to focus on client needs and less on administrative tasks.

Comprehensive Data Collection:

Tailored to ensure a thorough understanding of your client's needs, our form covers all necessary fields including Start Date, SEP Eligibility, Contact Information, Household Demographics, Health Information, and Income. Ensure a comprehensive profile for each client to better tailor your advice and recommendations.

Intuitive Quoting and Enrollment:

Experience the ease of simplified processes with our one-page PDF summary and hyperlinks that prefill the data into a quoting system for instant, accurate quotes. This feature ensures that all critical data is not only easy to view but also actionable, streamlining the path from consultation to enrollment.

Customization That Speaks Your Brand:

SnapHealth For Brokers doesn't just streamline processes; it also allows you to infuse your brand identity into every client interaction. Customize the intake forms with your business's logo, name, and color scheme, ensuring a consistent and professional appearance that aligns with your branding.

Advanced Technology for Superior Accuracy:

Leverage our advanced databases designed for error correction and data accuracy, giving you peace of mind about the reliability of the information collected. Plus, with the additional feature of an ERS field, creating ICHRA tracking links has never been easier or more efficient.

HIPAA-Compliant PDF Access

SnapHealth For Brokers prioritizes the security of client data with a streamlined solution for accessing completed intake forms. Each form, upon completion, is securely converted into a PDF and stored in a HIPAA-compliant folder on Google Workspace, shared directly with you via Google Drive.

Key Benefits:

HIPAA-Compliant Storage: Ensures the privacy and security of your clients' sensitive information.

Google Drive Integration: Offers secure, organized, and easy access to client forms, enhancing document management efficiency. Your NPN Folder is initially shared with you shortly after your first form submission. (If you are already utilizing services through SnapHealth, your PDFs will be accessible through a subfolder of your existing NPN Folder.)

Immediate Access: Completed intake forms are instantly available in your dedicated Google Drive folder, allowing for quick retrieval and review.

This feature not only simplifies document management but also aligns with the highest standards of data privacy and security, ensuring peace of mind for both brokers and their clients. Experience the ease and security of managing your client data with SnapHealth For Brokers.

Expanding Capabilities: What to Expect

Our software will soon be enhanced with additional pages, comprehensive information, and enhanced calculation capabilities. We understand the importance of having a dynamic tool that grows with your needs, and we are excited to bring these updates to help you achieve more. Stay tuned for these exciting updates designed to provide even greater value to your day-to-day operations!

Effortless Setup, Personalized Impact: Your Journey Starts Here

Getting started with SnapHealth For Brokers is designed to be as seamless and efficient as your future client intake process. Once you sign up, we kickstart your journey towards enhanced productivity and client satisfaction with a few simple steps:

1. Welcome Email & Housekeeping Form
Initial Setup: Shortly after signing up, you'll receive a welcome email from us, which includes our Housekeeping Form. This crucial first step allows us to gather all the necessary details to tailor your intake forms to perfectly match your brand's identity and requirements.

2. Personalization and Confirmation:
Customized Intake Form Creation: Upon completion of the Housekeeping Form, you'll receive a confirmation email from us which will contain a personalized link to your new Intake Form.

3. Effortless Sharing:
Wide Reach: The link to your Intake Form can be easily shared with prospective clients via email or text message, ensuring you can start streamlining your intake process right away. This flexibility allows you to connect with clients in the way that's most convenient for them, enhancing their experience from the very first interaction.

This easy onboarding process ensures that you can quickly benefit from the efficiencies SnapHealth For Brokers offers, with minimal setup time and no hassle. Start your journey with us today, and elevate your client intake process to new heights of efficiency and professionalism.

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