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ACA Agent/Broker Consent Form - For Brokers

ACA Agent/Broker Consent Form - For Brokers

Consent Form Submissions Needed During OEP
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We support agencies, too! 

For agency/IMO/FMO pricing please email us at so that we can learn more about your needs and help your team.


Grab consent on the go with ease using SnapHealth's ACA Broker Consent Form.


💰 Flexible Submission Tiers: Unlock year-round compliance and high-volume support during Open Enrollment Period (OEP) with SnapHealth's economical submission tiers. For an investment less than the revenue from one household annually, choose from 500, 1,800, or 8,000 OEP submissions and unlimited SEP submissions to align with your agency's scale and client flow. Our tiers are structured to ensure you're equipped for both steady-state operations and the OEP surge, guaranteeing you never miss a beat. With SnapHealth, you’re not just buying submissions; you’re securing a partner that scales with you through every season of growth. 

*Tier pricing is set to specifically cover the bandwidth needed during OEP. 

🚀 Personalized URL (PURL): Welcome to your own branded digital consent form. With SnapHealth, you'll receive a unique PURL that gives your clients a professional and engaging experience from the start.

🧠 Effortless Consent: By sharing a link to the form, your clients can complete a quick questionnaire and we capture their electronic signature. 

🌟 Magic in Your Inbox: As soon as consent is given, SnapHealth sends you and your client a confirmation email. You can access a PDF of their completed form in a HIPAA compliant folder that will be shared with you shortly after your first form submission. This helps to safeguard you from any potential audits down the line. 

📄Upon signup, you will receive a link to a questionnaire that we will use to build your Personalized URL. We will also start the process of sending a signed BAA from us to ensure you are in compliance with HIPAA.


Effective 6/18/2023, the 2024 Notice of Benefit and Payment Parameters went into effect where CMS/CCIIO requires all Health Insurance Agents & Brokers to document that they have consent from an individual before assisting them.

This consent form was drafted by Joshua Brooker, the Individual Markets Workgroup Chairman for the National Association of Benefits and Insurance Professionals and has been submitted to CMS/CCIIO to be in compliance with the 2024 NBPP final rule. 


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