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State Run Of Files

State Run Of Files

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 Each state rate accounts for our cost to provide the following:

Our file with updated calculations unique to your states specific ratios

  • Our team aggregates 2023 data.
  • Our team tests state calculations with 2023 data.
  • Delivery of a 2023 "sandbox" for licensees to use by 7/1.
  • Our team aggregates 2024 data.
  • Our team tests and delivers 2024 rates by the 10/1 delivery.

The rates below and the data we will provide will be for the entire state.

We recommend finding a group of brokers within your state to split the bill. Once we receive payment and you inform us of the number of licenses required (i.e., the number of people splitting the bill), we will consider the state to be open and begin our dry run.

The deadline for payment is March 31st.

If your state is not funded by the deadline, OEP Early Access may not be available until plan year 2025.

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