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Iowa - OEP Prep Quote

Iowa - OEP Prep Quote

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For the last 5 years, our team has been quoting our existing clients starting 10/1 of each year in our primary state (PA). We are able to do this because CMS requires states, federal regulators, and carriers to have a signed Certification Agreement completed by 9/21 of each year. Once signed, we pull the raw data associated with the final agreement into our system, organize it, test it, and quote our book.

The fact of the matter is, during OEP there just aren't enough hours in a day. This system has allowed us to quote existing clients ahead of time and focus on helping more people during OEP.

For PY2024 we are bringing OEP Prep Quote to select states. These states were selected if a broker in your state sponsored us by 3/31/2023. From 4/1 - 7/1,
we built the system for your state, tested it, and fine tuned the platform to be ready for OEP once we load in the plan data for PY2024.

What to expect?

Your OEP Prep Quote tool will come in the form of a spreadsheet so you don't have to learn any new software. The spreadsheet you receive will include three primary tabs/pages.

  • Tab 1 will be a simple form that you would use to input the needed demographics that the sheet will use to calculate premium and APTC.
  • Tab 2 will give you a list of plans in the county you indicated on tab 1 so that you can "select" which plans you want to quote for the family.
  • Tab 3 will be a one-pager of your recommendations, that you can either print, download as a PDF to send to your clients, or email directly from the form.

 We will also supply you with a template email that we use when reaching out to clients ahead of OEP. This email indicates that these rates are based on the prior year's data (family size, income, etc.) and that the family can self-report changes to receive updated rates.


When will I get access to the spreadsheet?

Once you purchase a license, we will forward you a copy of the PY2023 Sandbox. This Sandbox will be for you to test out and run 2023 quotes for clients. While you are trying out the Sandbox, you'll have time to give feedback on how the product is working, or if you notice any issues. Our team can make adjustments to the product prior to the delivery of the spreadsheet with 2024 data by 10/1.

What else, unique to my state, will OEP Prep Quote include?

We will adjust the calculations in our system to account for your state's given MA/CHIP thresholds and your carriers' tobacco and geographic factors.

Are there any features that make your solution unique?

  • Medicaid Override - If you assist immigrant populations who have had resident status for fewer than 5 yrs., the tool has a box that you check that will give the maximum APTC and CSRs so that you can accurately quote the family.
  • Split quotes - With our "groups" feature, you can input the whole household once, label who is in each quote, and quickly run the two quotes by just toggling the group being quoted. This helps when we are talking about Natives that are eligible for zero cost sharing based on their income. Some native/non-native blended households are required to split on two quotes. This also helps with ICHRA, Families with out of area college students, non nuclear families etc.
  • BULK IMPORT - we are working on tools to allow you to export your BOB from whatever system you use now (like HealthSherpa) and copy it to a sheet that feeds the inputs into our system, so you don't have to manually enter information. 

About Us

In 2013, our founder was double billed for the birth of his son. Ever since, he has been a broker on a mission to help as many people in the US navigate the cost of healthcare. SnapHealth was created to scale the methods that our brick and mortar health insurance agency has used to help families directly, and to equip brokers with tools to further meet the needs of their local communities.

For Brokers, "OEP Prep Quote" is just a taste of what SnapHealth will have to offer for brokers in the future. We recognize that, unlike group brokers, IFP brokers lack economies of scale and need any and every tool to efficiently help more people.

SnapHealth is led by broker, CVO & Principal - Joshua Brooker REBC®. He is a thought leader in the Individual and Family Plans (IFP) Markets that can be found in WSJ, American Benefits Specialist Magazine, Insurance News Net, and Kaiser Health News. NPN: 16120334

Questions? Email us at

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